April 26, 27 & 28 2024

Photo by: David Knight Photography

Rita and Jennifer Cochran

the excitement
of “All that
is Art” during
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What began as a chance to get together, have some fun and show off the diverse talents of our artistic community has grown into an annual cultural event. Harbor Country’s Art Attack, an annual showcase of artistic and creative activity, will take place on April 26, 27, & 28, 2024. An off-season event has now become the kickoff event for the summer season.

Art lovers all over the area look forward to the final weekend of April when they have an opportunity to immerse themselves in a number of unique art-oriented events that take place throughout Harbor Country during the weekend. Over the years Art Attack has gotten a well-deserved reputation as one of the Midwest’s most eclectic, interactive celebrations of all that is art. The event is chock full of eclectic experiences. It is not just for art galleries. It is a time to show the art form found in many of our Harbor Country’s businesses. It is an opportunity for the business community to express their creativity in the things they do every day. There is something for everyone to enjoy. Creativity will be unleashed in all its facets including visual arts, music, fashion, culinary arts, literary arts, and architecture. Art Attack offers a full palette of colorful activities, including gallery receptions, artist’s workshops, demonstrations, exhibitions, open houses, tours, visiting artists’ studios, and more. The diverse offerings during Art Attack are what bring people back year after year.

Getting ready for Art Attack is rejuvenating after the winter season. Not only does the event celebrate the coming of spring, but it also provides a glimpse into new works by artists. The weekend is very energizing. Artists draw artistic inspiration from Lake Michigan, beautiful forests and the relaxed beach atmosphere found here in Harbor Country. Perhaps the two things that most set Art Attack apart from other art exhibitions are the natural beauty of the Harbor Country setting and the degree of interaction between artist and participant.

Art Attack organizers and sister duo Rita and Jennifer Cochran said that they have a couple theories on why the event has survived for such a long time. “People want that experience – to see artists’ work, to talk to them, to get their hands dirty,” said Rita who, along with Jennifer, owns Local Color Gallery in Union Pier. Seeing a painting through the artist’s eyes gives insight into the artistic process that may have eluded the viewer without the artist’s help.

Win a Gift Basket Full of Valuable Prizes

Art Attack attendees who place their names, addresses and phone numbers in the Art Attack “paint cans” set out at participating establishments will be eligible to win gift baskets full of valuable prizes donated by area businesses. The lucky winners will be contacted after the drawing at the end of the weekend.

The winners of the lovely gift baskets full of valuable prizes that are donated by area businesses will be contacted after the weekend event. Enter at each participating establishment by placing your name, address, and phone number in the Art Attack paint can.